4th November 2017

The Teacher

Having moved to the Czech Republic in 2017, I have become what I describe as an “Accidental Teacher”. From giving a presentation to a group of children at a Christian Nursery (Školka) in 2018 I was offered a role as an English Linguistics teacher in 2018 at Křesťanská základní škola Karmel in Ústí Nad Labem teaching the age ranges from 6 through to 11 years old.

In addition to this I was offered a further position of English Linguistics teacher at Základní škola Boženy Němcové, Litoměřice teaching age ranges 11-15 in 2020.

I am available for spoken English lessons on a private basis for all ages.

That perfect teaching moment!

Teaching English accent phonics to year 1 children ESOL TFL

Teaching phonics ESOL to Year 1 children

Celebrating the end of the school year teaching English conversation

Year 2 through to Year 6 ESOL TFL English Phonics classes